Workshop Style

① constructive self-reflecting time

② safe open space to share if you would like to share


Ground Rules

It is important for everybody to feel safe to share.

Thereby, in every workshop, we always emphasize the following topic:

① Non-judgmental space

② Open accepting space

③ Okay to say, “no” when offered the space to share

④ Okay to not to be perfect  とコラボの時の写真 とコラボの時の写真


“I was able to share something I NEVER shared to people before. I feel relieved and understood even if I never met the other participants before. I am really happy I went even if I hesitated to go” (Male, late 30s)

“I thought about things I never really think about. I feel I was able to find out about my self more. I had a very interesting fun time!” (female, early 30s)

“I never knew there was a place like this in Tokyo. I wish I knew about this before” (male, early 40s)

Past Workshop Events

  • 12/31 Reflecting 2018 / Fantasizing 2019

  • 1/5 Reflecting 2018 / Fantasizing 2019

  • 2/23 Self Exploration Workshop

  • 3/2 Lunch X Networking

  • 3/21 Tokyo Tribe Dinner: Turning Point

  • 3/24 Habits

  • 3/31 Digital Vision Board + Affirmation Creation

  • 4/7 Learn Empowering Ways to Self-Reflect

  • 4/28Learn Ways To Overcome Your Past

  • May Golden Week Retreat

  • 5/12 Unleash Your Inner Power - Cacao Ceremony

  • 5/26: Learn how to self love

  • 6/2: Find Your Purpose

  • 6/9: Create Your Own Digital Vision Board

  • 6/12: Tokyo Tribe Dinner

  • 6/16: Vision Board Creation

  • 6/23: 1st Step to Love Yourself

  • 6/29: Inner Peace Yoga Net Working Picnic Time

  • 6/30: learn techniques to forgive your past

  • 7/17 Tokyo Tribe Dinner

  • 8/3 Body Positivity

  • 8/15 Full Moon Night Yoga

  • 8/15 Lululemon Collaboration WS

  • 8/16 Ideal Self Workshop

  • 8/17 Sat Morning Yoga

  • 8/31 You & Me: Self-talk

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