✨Other empowering options for you ✨

  • Option 1: Self-Discovery Session

  • Option 2:Power Habit

  • Option 3: Clarify Your Vision

  • Option 4: Insightful Private Session

👉🏽OPTION 1: Self - Discovery Session

Through numerology and astrology reading, together we will have a coaching sessions with the following topic;

  • your true passion

  • your life passion

  • your gift

  • points to overcome (if you still have not overcame)

  • your direction in career to be closer to your real you (if you still have not found yet)

  • your life theme phase


60 min. 15,000yen / Extension Fee for every 15 min. 1,000 yen


“I consider myself logical, so I was surprised how logical it actually was. It was interesting how I was able to re-discover my true passion which I was suppressing for a long time. I feel my life is going to change” - 30s Japanese Male

👉🏽Option 2: Power Habit

  • Design your empowering morning schedule 

  • Design your empowering night schedule 

  • Design your empowering weekly schedule 

  • Create habit tracking template 

  • Design your daily journals 

  • Know your values to live a more full-filling life

+ Homework in prior to the session


Max. 120 min : 20,000yen

👉🏽Option 3: Clarify Your Vision

  • Don’t know what you want to do or how to choose for your next career?

  • Understand about yourself through clarifying your ideal vision!


60 min : 12,000yen

👉🏽Option 4: Insightful Private Session

  • Choose any topic for every session 

  • Get your solution in every session 

  • Get your customized homework to promote your self-growth


60 min : 12,000yen

👉🏽Option 5: Build Your Confidence 1 Month Program

  • Did you loose your confidence along the way?

  • Do you want to feel more confident?

  • Are you tired of not feeling enough?

I used to be like that. I used to suffer from low self-esteem that I struggled to do anything. I know how it limits you from doing anything and I know how it does NOT feel good.

"If you always do what you've always done” - Henry Ford

This 1 month program is only for those who are serious and are committed to regain their confidence. Each week has a theme that is designed to increase your self-esteem with homework that will support you to be focused.