Frequent Asked Questions



Mostly I'm just more concerned about me not wanting to open up. I'm a very private person and I can at times bottle things up even if I know that it will benefit me greatly to share.


It’s okay to be a private person. I accept who you are. I accept and respect your inner journey. Of course, if you do not want to open up, it is still okay.

Sometimes, we do not want to share because ... it is scary feeling to be vulnerable In the city life we live, we tend to associate vulnerability with weakness...

  • perhaps we are afraid of being exploited our vulnerability against us

  • perhaps we have fear of "sharing" = "dismantle ourselves" to the point we are afraid we may not able to get up again

  • perhaps we are afraid of potential feeling of rejection of not feeling truly understood.

  • perhaps we are living in this world of unhealthy stigma like men doesn't show emotion or women who shows emotion are unreliable etc.

  • perhaps our parents had a disempowering association with being vulnerable

However, as you know,

the more we hide our emotion and suppress deep inside our body, the more difficult it would be to overcome in later life.

Most likely, someday we will open up and confront this because we won't able to keep on living with heavy emotion and baggages.

Moreover, if we pile up these heavy emotion in our emotional and physical body, our body will not able to handle it and be more prone to sickness.

Then, why not start now to alleviate the pain than feel more pain and resistance later?

More importantly, I just want you to know I make sure I provide safe space. I will also share my stories (that I feel may somehow benefit you)

Hopefully by both of us being honest, vulnerable and not practicing to feel shame, you will feel okay, safe to share and feel lighter.


Will I really change?


Essentially speaking, that ‘change’ will depend on you.

In my sessions, you will be given “aha”moments and gain new insights about your life through structured guidance.

My session alone will NOT change you.

The real transformation happens after the session.

If you take action to the path of committing to your new empowering habits that we strategized in our session, you will start to see / feel results like many of my happyzoku aka. tribe aka. client.

However, if you are not willing to take action, you will go back to your current disempowering habits which makes you have disempowering experience.

It is like learning a new language. Just going to school does not enable you to speak a new language. Doing the homework and applying what you have learned at school support you in acquiring a new a language. This applies in life in general.

My question to you is …

Are you just wishing to change?


Are you committed to change?


  • Of course, if there is something that is holding you from taking action, we will explore on the root cause and resolve in a deeper level and NOT in a superficial level. Therefore, there is no need to worry about whether you can be committed or not because we will cover that in our sessions.

“If you are doing your best,

you won't have time to self-doubt”

  • If our strategy does not work with your current habit, that is also okay. We learned one way that does not fit for you currently

“Life is a R&D (Research & Development) playground”

- Serge Labelle

Lastly, if you are hesitating …